Richie Groves

Richie Groves' story

My name is Richard Groves, and I’ve worked with Jade from Fletcher Associates for the past four years now.

Initially, when I moved to Ripon, I found Jade through her links with one of the estate agents when I was then in the hunt for a house.

Jade primarily helps me with organising my mortgages. I have a small portfolio, so, she keeps on top of the yearly running of those.

I use Jade to help me with my buy-to-let mortgages instead of doing it myself, because I find that she utilises her time to give me the better solutions.

The fees that I get charged by Jade, I certainly I recrue those back with the time it saves me, that I can then spend on my other business.

The best thing about working with Jade and the advice that she gives on my mortgages, is the fact that it’s independent. I come regularly with lots of complicated scenarios and she always offers numerous solutions for me to pick the best that suits me at the time.

I certainly would recommend Jade to other people, and I have. The majority of my family now use Jade for their mortgages and I have a lot of associates being ex-military that are now using Jade.

"Jade helps me with my buy-to-let mortgages, this gives me the time and freedom to run my other business"

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