Richard Langley

Richard Langley's story

My name is Richard Langley. I live in Ripon, I’ve been a client of Carl’s for about four years.

My wife and I have recently both retired as teachers and we had pension pots. We needed to do something with them. Having once before been in insurance, I knew that I needed to get my investments sorted.

We set up a first meeting, primarily as much for us to see if Carl fitted us, as much as for him to give us advice. He said basically the same when he was setting the meeting up. So, we went along to the meeting, to meet Carl and had a very good meeting. I think we made our mind up then that yes, we were going to invest with this man.

It was definitely a wise decision to do our investments through Carl. He’s been extremely professional, all those words that you would normally have like, very calm, he listens, he’s a good conversationalist. He never talks down to you, he’s very organised. It’s a pleasure, it really is a pleasure to go along and see him. We’ve been very, very pleased with, with all the advice he’s given us and the actions that have been taken.

We feel much better about our financial future, now that we’ve got our investments through someone like Carl. We’re looking forward very much to having some security as we go further into retirement. It’s, been very helpful to have someone like Carl, who we know we can speak to and get some good decisions from. That just increases that confidence that we need our age.

The best thing about working with Carl is that he is local and he’s first class. Having somebody that we can walk down town to, to have a chat and know that we’re going to get really good advice and then go for a coffee across the road. That’s absolutely superb from my point of view.

The words I would use to describe Carl, friendly, approachable, professional.

I would certainly recommend Carl to other people. In fact, a member of my family has also invested with Carl and I’ve talked quite often to people who have discussed investments and people who have asked me who we invest with. So yes, I have spoken about Carl to other people. I would certainly recommend him.

"We feel much better about our investments now Carl is looking after them"

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