Judith & Nigel

Judith & Nigel's story

Nigel: My name’s Nigel, this is my wife Judith. We both work with Carl for seven years,

Judith: We were starting to think about retirement and how we will be able to get there to manage on our money. But not got the expertise to do the investments that we needed. He was recommended to us from somebody that I was working with at the time.

Nigel: Carl’s helped us with our pensions, collating them all together. He’s also helped us with some ISA’s. And just basically telling us where to invest our money and looking at what we wanted.

Knowing that Carl’s looking after our money, it makes me feel at ease because I tend to worry a little bit about money. But with Carl, I don’t feel I have any worries whatsoever.

Judith: Carl’s daughter, Jade helped us because my son was moving over from Bolton to Boroughbridge. She helped him arrange a mortgage.

The best thing about working with Carl is that he makes you really relaxed when he’s talking to you. And he doesn’t think any question is a silly question. He explains things really well.

Nigel: I would describe Carl as very professional, trustworthy and likeable.

Judith: I feel if Carl hadn’t been managing our money that we wouldn’t have been able to retire now. We wouldn’t have done the investments that he’s done for us, enabling us to retire a little bit earlier than we probably thought we could. He’s given the reassurance that we are going to be alright.

We will be very happy to recommend Carl or Jade. They’ve come through for us every time for ourselves, but also we’ve recommended them in the past maybe four or five times.

"Knowing Carl is looking after our money makes me feel at ease"

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