Debbie Shaikh

Debbie Shaikh's story

My name is Debbie. I’ve been a client of Fletcher Associates for six years.

I needed help from Fletcher Associates with a pension. I’d recently been divorced and I needed somewhere to put all my equity and needed advice as to how to do that.

Carl took a lot of time to get to know what pensions I already had planned and what my ambitions were for the retirement.

I felt really relaxed when he was talking to me, he took time to ask lots of questions and to find out really what I needed. He was just very relaxed and made me feel really confident that he’d took the time to make sure I got the best out of my pension.

Talking to Carl during the Covid period made me feel so secure. I was really worried about the press, all the news that was coming out, but pensions might not be as what we would expect. He took the time to talk me through everything and I felt really much more confident.

I feel really confident about my retirement planning. I know that he’s really done his research and he’s found out what I need. So, I’m really confident in the advice he gives me.

If Carl wasn’t there to advise me, I would feel very stressed I’m sure.

The thing that is great about Carl is he’s really relaxed and makes you feel really comfortable and makes you think that actually he’s got your best interests at heart.

I would definitely recommend Carl and Fletcher Associates to other people.

"Carl's helped me to get the best out of my pension"

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